Rapporter från de nordiska projekten

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Part Report 1
Literature review on the suitability of materials used in the food industry, involving direct or indirect contact with food products. 
by: Hélène L. Lauzon
Part Report 2
Wood in food. Measuring methods (to control the hygienic status  of wood in the food industry) 
by: Grete Lorentzen, Birna Gudbjörnsdottir, Ida Weider
Part Report 3
Legislation on foodstuffs. 
by: Gunilla Beyer
To be fully updated we refer to the European Union Legislation on Foodstuff.
Part Report 4
In Danish. Spörgeskemaundersökelse vedrörende brug af trä i Norden til levnedsmiddelformål. 
Part Report 5
Short report from a pilot study regarding wood treatments and  hygienic properties of wood. 
by: Gunilla Beyer, Birna Gudbjörnsdottir
Part Report 6
Hygienic limits and cleaning procedures is only available as a paper copy 
Part Report 7
Wood, waxed wood, plywood, polyethylene and stainless steel - a comparison of hygienic properties is only available as a paper copy 
Part Report 8
Wood in the food industry - guidelines for handling wooden pallets and packaging. 
Hela rapporten kan rekvireras från Trätek. Rapport P0203011
Part Report 9
Hygienic properties of wood - Field studies on wooden pallets and wooden constructions. 
by: Birna Gudbjörnsdottir, Sigarjon Arason, Gunilla Beyer 
Part Report 10
Wood, plastic and steel - a comparison of hygienic properties. 
by: Anne Pia Koch, Christian J. Kofod, Dobroslava Konova, Knud Erik Kvist, Berit Lidegaard

Wooden boards affecting the survival of bacteria?
Wooden boards affecting the survival of bacteria?
A. Schönwälder1, R. Kehr2, A. Wulf2 and K. Smalla1
Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, 1Institute for Plant Virology, Microbiology and Biosafety, 2Institute for Plant Protection in Forests, Messeweg 11/12, 38104 Braunschweig, Germany