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  1. Evaluation of microbiological s sampling of food processing environments
  2. Field studies on wooden pallets and wood in constructions (gluelam)
  3. Gehrig et al hygienic properties
  4. Holz und Hygiene
  5. Organohalogen Taints in Foods
  6. Short report from a pilot study
  7. Survival of bacteria on wood and plastic particles Dependence on wood species and environmental condition
  8. The suitability of materials used in the food industry, involving direct or indirect contact with food products
  9. Untersuchungen zur Einführung von Hygiene-Paletten aus Holz zum Einsatz in der Lebensmittelindustrie
  10. Wie hygienisch und sinnvoll ist Holz in
  11. Wood in the food industry
  12. Wood, plastic and steel - a comparison of hygienic properties

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